FAN – Est. 1985

The Freelance Artists Network, informally known as the FAN group was formed in 1985, somewhere between Medway, MA and Providence, RI. The idea was to create a Southern New England-based community that provided social interaction as well as professional inspiration for freelance artists – who as a group tend to work solo.

Many years, members and group shows later, we are still going strong. Several of the founding members are still on board and active in the group.

FAN will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2015.

Member Roster 2014

Paula Bird
Sandy Valpey Cordts
Nancy Cote
Jean Cotton
Mary Beth Cryan
Beth Drainville
Ruth Flanigan
Joanne Friar
Connie Babian Grab
Christine Hannon
Donna R. Ide
Linnea Leeming
A. Michelle
Judith Moffatt
Cheryl Kirk Noll
Susan Novich
Maureen Patrolia
Lorena Pugh
Kathleen Regan
Lynn M. Sevigny
Erica Szuplat
Nicole Tamarin
Frances Topping
Lesley Breen Withrow
Carol Way Wood


Associate Members

Claire Laties Davis
Marnie Webster
Nicole Wong